What You See on TV Is What You’re Probably Wearing


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It is no secret that what we see on TV influences the choices we make in daily life. This understanding has been the backbone of the advertising industry which in addition to promoting their products through commercials, has gone a step further and integrated their products into TV shows and press conferences held by sports’ personalities. The same holds true when it comes to fashion.

The fashion choices that are made by our favorite TV stars often affect those that we make, either consciously or unconsciously. TV shows have therefore become a means through which trends are set. It is common for people to see a look that they like on TV and then seek to emulate it. The extent of this ranges from a completely new look, to style tips which enable them to develop and enhance their style.

Gossip Girl

One of the shows that has been a major trend-setter during the past five years is ‘Gossip Girl’. The fact that the setting of this show is the Upper East Side provides an ideal opportunity to showcase high-end fashion both for men and women. In addition, the show has seen a generation grow up and mature from teenage through their early 20s. The fashion displayed therefore reflects this, with their parents showcasing the more mature selection. Gossip Girl fashion is not just limited to clothes. Rather, it extends to accessories and makeup. The two main characters Serena van der Woodsmen and Blair Waldorf, played by Blake Lively and Leighton Meester respectively, are fashion forward and it is always a treat to see the outfits that they put together.

The Help

The entertainment industry also enables viewers to recognize the fact that fashion is not just limited to one kind of style. For instance, the movie ‘The Help’ showcased and brought back fashion from the 1960s. By having professional stylists design the actresses’ wardrobes; these clothes did not seem outdated. In fact, it helped to set a new trend, with designers seeking to incorporate the ’60s theme into their lines.

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The popular TV show ‘Friends’ was a means through which viewers followed the lives of six individuals with different personalities, whose friendship was familial. Going through the series however, differences are evident, particularly in their choice of make-up. While early seasons favored bold hues, latter seasons made use of nude colours in order for the look to be simultaneously under-stated and elegant. Nude is still a popular look for makeup today.

Off-screen, actors and actresses are continually under pressure to set trends and develop innovative style; especially for those who have played roles that required them to be fashion forward. Their popularity sets them apart as fashion icons who are looked to for style tips. This is as true for men as it is for ladies. Many fashion-forward men look to NBA players in order to recognize trends and find the looks that work best for them. It is difficult to state with certainty, whether it is television that influences fashion, or fashion that has an influences television. The truth lies in between these two, in that TV and fashion are seamlessly integrated.

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