Top T-Shirt Trends for Men & Women in 2013


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Spring is finally here and we know what that means… It’s time to shed those layers and bring out the t-shirts. Chances are you have piles upon piles of shirts that you know, love and just cannot wait to put on again. But, last year’s shirts probably meant vintage finds and typography filled logo tees. So, before you bring those t-shirts to the front of the closet, make sure you’re in the know with the latest styles, so you can be on trend this year. Here’s a few of the hottest t-shirt trends to pay attention to in 2013 for both men and women.


Colors: Orchid & Emerald

We’ve seen it on the fashion runways, and now it’s making its way into the stores, this year’s top colors! For women it’s all about bright colors, especially orchid and emerald. So, be on the watch for these super bright colors when you’re making new t-shirt additions to your closet. Also, don’t be afraid to mix these two colors together; the base colors of green and purple are both in the secondary color scheme on the wheel, so we already know they complement one another.

Bold prints

Big, bold prints are very trendy for the ladies this year. This is especially true when the prints are being featured on the year’s most popular colors and in the latest styles. We suggest checking out the fashion tee sections at your favorite shops because you’re sure to find something that pops!
These shirt examples are in bold prints, incorporate bright colors and are within this year’s trends.


Cropped tops & sweatshirts

The fashion craze of the 80s is back- that’s right, cropped shirts and sweatshirts! Instead of wearing them baring your midriff, pair your crop top with bright colored skinny jeans and a lace trimmed camisole. You’ll be channeling the past, but keeping in trend with the latest fashion movement.


Colors: Orange & Turquoise

Women aren’t the only ones jumping on the bright color train this year, for men it’s all about colors like orange and turquoise. If you think these colors are too bright for you, try putting them together with neutral toned pants and layering a neutral jacket or light sweater over top. You’ll be in trend without sticking out more than your comfort zone allows.
These bright colored blank tees are perfect staples for every guy’s wardrobe this year.

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Retro prints

Last year’s vintage items are on their way out, but we can keep our love of the past alive with retro inspired prints. Our print suggestion for men: worn looking tees with your favorite pop culture icons. Don’t fret if all your t-shirts are still in pristine, brand new condition and don’t look well worn. You can always find retro t-shirt options at your favorite stores.

Bomber jackets paired with blank tees

Bomber jackets are this year’s top layer of choice for men. They look great when matched with blank tees, especially in bright colors. Plus, you can dress this look up or down, by adding or removing additional layers and pairing with either khakis or jeans. Either way you go, you’ll be in the know and on trend.

What do you think of this year’s hot styles for men’s and women’s t-shirts? Which ones will you be adding into your closet? Comment below and let us know!

This post was written by staff writer Elise Schwartz.

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