Top Spring Shoe Trends 2013 – Look at Your Best!


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For the Spring Fashion 2013, it is not enough to only concentrate on clothing and accessories. Now, it time to pay homage to some gorgeous footwear collection for this year. Shoe trends have undergone a huge change from flats, pumps to skyscraper-height heels. You entire outfit remains dull, if it is not paired by a stunning and the trendiest footwear.

Latest Trend in Footwear You can Select for Spring Fashion

Stella McCartney has designed the faux leather pump for those who didn’t have the patience for arrival of spring.

Mixed Media Style     

As you can understand from the name of the trend itself, it is a wonderful blend of varieties of designs. Although there are some amazing examples of this trendy shoes, given here are the designs having three or more diverse materials. It is the color and the texture of the different combinations that is a hit or a miss for any of these shoes.

Top Spring Shoe Trends 2013 – Look at Your Best 1



Embroidery is a common style for clothes but shoes nowadays can also have embroidery. Yes, it is so! Haven’t you seen such a collection of shoes? Check it out here… Embroidered shoes have a special touch and give a fun effect. Balmain and Barabara Bui have multiple styles of these embroidered shoes while the shoes of that of Isa Tapia and Rubert Sanderson have partial embroidery featuring tropical birds and so on.

Top Spring Shoe Trends 2013 – Look at Your Best 2



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Are you bored of wearing black and brown shoes? Shift to the orangey nectarine shoes for this spring! The nectarine shape has a flattering tone and coral touch in its very designing. Flaunt your feet with this latest trend in shoe fashion!

Top Spring Shoe Trends 2013 – Look at Your Best 3


Colorful Lace

Lace in shoes! It’s really a noticeable fashion trend for this spring. Brian Atwood and Jimmy Choo have come up with some of the beautiful laced shoes for women this spring. Accessorize yourself with these fancy shoes!

Top Spring Shoe Trends 2013 – Look at Your Best 4


Author’s Bio: Pamela Anderson is a fashion blogger and a regular visitor of DISH TV. She loves to watch the fashion related channels under DISH Latino channel packages to keep her updated with the current fashion trend. 

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