Top 5 Holiday Destinations In Europe


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Image by terrydu via flickr From the snowy streets of Stockholm to the vibrant markets of Istanbul, when looking for destinations in Europe, holiday makers are spoiled for choice. Compared to other areas around the world, it is also a relatively safe and inexpensive place to travel.

  • Florence Italy
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Paris France
  • Prague, The Czech Republic
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands

1) Florence, Italy

Top 5 Holiday Destinations In Europe 1

Florence is a city steeped in history and home to some of the most stunning architecture in Italy, making it the perfect destination for anyone interested in experiencing culture. For art lovers, there are numerous magnificent art galleries throughout the city, which house world famous artwork like the statue of David. The city’s famous operas, ancient basilicas, and mouth-watering cuisine all mean that there is more than enough excitement in Florence to keep you entertained for several weeks.

2) Istanbul, Turkey

Top 5 Holiday Destinations In Europe 2

If you want a diverse and vibrant holiday packed full of many different cultures, then everything you are looking for can be found in one city: Istanbul. The multi-faceted city stands as a gateway between Asia and Europe, and its mix of Roman, Ottoman, Greek and Byzantine architecture reflects this. One of the most important attractions to visit when there is the Hagia Sophia, a building which has its own turbulent past as first a church, then a mosque, and at present a museum. It is a perfect representation of the dynamic and fascinating background of Istanbul.

3) Paris, France

Top 5 Holiday Destinations In Europe 3

For many decades Paris has been one of the most often visited and widely celebrated cities in Europe. It offers visitors an endless list of amazing landmarks, including the Eiffel tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, The Louvre, and the Arc De Triomphe. The city’s fabulous boutiques, pretty patisserie, amazing art galleries, and world famous music venues mean that, though prices in the city can be expensive, you are guaranteed to have a brilliant time. For loved up couples planning a honeymoon or romantic getaway, there is really no competition.

4) Prague, The Czech Republic

Top 5 Holiday Destinations In Europe 4

Prague is not often the first destination that comes to mind when people consider popular holiday destinations, but it is definitely one of Europe’s hidden gems. No matter what you are interested in, Prague has it, from Trendy night clubs and wine bars to the amazing 9th Century Prague Castle. The city is still relatively cheap compared to other capital cities, so it is perfect for students or young adults.

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5) Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Top 5 Holiday Destinations In Europe 5

Amsterdam is well known for its brilliant night life, exciting café culture, and infamous red light district. However, despite its somewhat raucous reputation, Amsterdam is also an ideal place for a fun packed family holiday. The bike-friendly city is laced with miles of cycle track along scenic canals which makes a fantastic day out and convenient way to get around. It also has plenty of quaint boutiques and many artistic hotspots, including the Van Gogh Museum. This article was written by Ted Hunter. Ted is a is a professional freelance content writer and ghost-writer for various online sites including that of Travel Republic. He has a BA (Hons) degree in Architecture and currently provides his writing services through a number of sites.

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