Timeless Indie Fashion Items For Men 2012


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Indie is not just about fashion. It’s both an image and lifestyle for women and men with the key point being exuding an independent style to stay away from the mainstream. Even with the influence of time, there are some basic rules of independent style that are maintained throughout the years. If we narrow down to the big cities in the world, the dedicated indie style mostly seen on the street is indie urban clothing, which is immediately spot on due to its extremity.

Here are some of the all-time favorite indie men’s clothing trends no indie souls are seen without.

Printed tee shirt

Tee shirts are a staple of indie fashion. However, like all indie clothes, you have to be very particular with your tee shirt selection. Big brand, logo tees are a big no-no. Go for those with interesting and unique prints and graphics. Also, you can never go wrong with block solid color tees with washed effects.

Flannel Shirt

On the subject of indie mens clothing, flannel style shirts come closely after the t-shirts as the ultimate must-haves. Flannel shirts in all colors are as great on their own or as a layering piece. They can also be worn for a grunge and vintage looks. Their versatility is a huge reason for them being touted as the all time favorite indie style. They’re suitable for any formal or casual occasions and work well with denims and chinos.

Skinny Jeans

Another great item for men’s indie urban clothing is skinny jeans, corduroys, or tights. These skinny pants are a true charmer as their slim line makes for a sleek and lean look. Don a pair of skinny jeans and throw anything on the top and you’re ready to hit the road!

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Old Sneaker

New or old, shoes are very important to the indie aesthetic. But of even more importance is authenticity. Long gone are the days of brand new Converse. Make your sneakers truly yours and do your own doodles on a pair of plain colored ones.

Tattoos/ body pants

Permanent or temporary inked skin is a signature that reveals the wearer’s personal individuality. The permanent ink relating to political symbol, animal figure, stars or mandatory verbal are required to announce and remind their devotion to whatever the story tattoo tells. And the position to make it on skin is mostly located on forearm, back of neck, around the wrists or ankles and other exposed body parts.

These are just the generalized concept of men’s indie styles. That being said, Indie as fashion blog is all about being individualistic, so you could even choose to disregard this guide completely! One of the most important rules which is a commitment is “Don’t say you are indie”. Your appearance, your music, and your lifestyle should speak for you.


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