Three 2012 Jewelry Trends No One Saw Coming


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The fashion-savvy know full well they need to keep their peepers peeled on the runway and major red carpet events of the season, not just for dress styles, but, most importantly, for the accessories. And it’s not all about handbags and shoes: more often than not, the bling steals the show. It seems that 2012 brought up such a scenario, in which the jewelry often overshadowed the rest of the accoutrements, and sometimes even the outfits themselves. Read on below, for some three surprising jewelry trends that this year had us witness, as well as inspiration guides on how to wear them.

1. Chandelier EarringsParis Hilton wearing Sterling Silver Anklets

Cascading, flowy chandelier earrings were all the rage back in 2009-2010, when everybody and their grandmother could be spotted in them, from pop-rocker Sheryl Crow, to style-guide TV star Jennifer Aniston, as well as some fresher faces, such as Carrey Mulligan, Jessica Alba and Keira Knightley. Then, they all but disappeared, in the face of more subtle, understated style earrings such as the button and the stud. While this year does not specifically emphasize a return to the fashions of three years back, there is a certain nod to a couple of years ago, in the collections presented by LAGOS and John Hardy, among others. Designers are currently focused on showcasing smaller, more modest chandeliers, which, in turn have inspired online silver jewelry stores to bring them back into their catalogues.

2. Tribal Geometries

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Geometric patterns and shapes are making a comeback as well, but in a more refined variant, which also throws in ethnic, or tribal inspired designs. Celebrities who have gone abstract this season include Hillary Duff, spotted wearing a gorgeous amethyst, geometric necklace several times by the paparazzi, Letters from Juliet’s Amanda Seyfried (on the Oscars red carpet, no less!), and the ubiquitous glitterata Kim Kardashian. Check out Etsy for geometric inspired, Art-Nouveau-tinged designs, sterling silver anklets, bracelets and pendants, to see how much the trend has permeated into the mainstream. Wrap-around wrings and bracelets are proving particularly popular these days, as are necklaces made out of several trapeze- or triangle-shaped blades, strung together.

3. Bring the Flappers Back in!

Possibly the most unexpected development style-wise, in the second half of 2012, is the return of the Jazz age flapper, who is making a return from the heads to the toes of fashionistas the world over. We’re seeing flapper-style sequined dresses, whimsical headpieces, superimposed necklaces, pearls and hair jewelry everywhere this season. The experts have rushed to credit this brand new retro trend to the hotly anticipated launch of The Great Gatsby, currently in production, as well as to HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. Drew Barrymore, Nicole Richie and Katy Perry have all rushed to embrace the trend, which largely features semi-precious stones and Art Deco floral motifs in terms of jewelry. Semi-precious stones are also great features for tiaras, hair-links, and beaded hairclips, as illustrated by Gwyneth Paltrow among others; meanwhile, the entire style, overall, is glitzy, glam and evocative of a long-gone glow which current celebrities are all want to recuperate.

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