The 5 Most Popular Rehab Centers Among Celebrities

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These days, it seems like celebrities are always checking into a rehab center for some reason or another. Whether they have an alcohol problem, drug problem, emotional problems, or simply just want to get away from it for a while, these high-end rehab centers have helped celebrities back onto their feet for many years.

If you want the chance to experience one of the same rehab centers as your favorite celebrity, take a look at a list of the five most popular centers in the United States. If you want to stay at any of these centers, expect to bring your life savings- staying at any of these facilities can cost over $10,000 per week- a drop in the bucket for a famous celebrity, but out of reach for the most of the rest of us.

Cirque Lodge

Cirque Lodge is one of the most popular celebrity rehab centers in the United States. Located in the mountains of Utah, this facility is packed full of luxury features, including private gyms, spas and saunas, and huge fireplaces. All of these peaceful amenities combined with the peaceful surroundings of the Utah mountains make rehabilitation easier for everyone. To get help at this amazing facility, visitors must pay about $6,000 per week.


Cirque Lodge is popular with younger celebrity clients, and has been frequented by celebrities such as Kirsten Dunst, Eva Mendes, Lindsay Lohan, and Mary-Kate Olsen. If you happen to visit the center, you may just see a famous celebrity you know chilling out and relaxing.

The Promises Treatment Center

This center is specifically designed for the recovery of high-end clients with drug and alcohol problems. This expensive and holistically-based center is located in Malibu, California, which is the perfect location for celebrities who have taken a misstep along the way. Not only does the Promises Treatment Center treat celebrities, but it also treats anyone else who has problems who can afford to pay the expensive weekly price of over $8,500. With prices this high, hopefully clients recover fast.

Celebrities that have frequented the Promises Treatment Center include, Ben Affleck, Robert Downy Jr., Britney Spears, and Diana Ross.

The Betty Ford Clinic

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The Betty Ford Clinic is a rehab center founded by former first lady, Betty Ford. This rehab facility is located in California, and is considered one of the best rehab centers in the world. This center combines excellent amenities with helpful classes and treatment methods that can help clients get back on their feet. A stay at the Betty Ford Clinic is only $2,000 per week, which is much more affordable than many of the other celebrity hang-out centers in the United States.

Some of the most famous clients that have visited the Betty Ford center and helped it become popular are Chevy Chase, Ozzy Osbourne, and Keith Urban.

The Caron Foundation

The Caron Foundation is a center for adults and teens who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. The center is located in Wernersville, Pennsylvania and is a completely non-profit facility. The Caron Foundation is somewhat moderately priced for a celebrity rehab center and costs about $6,000 per week for each client.

Celebrities who have recovered at the Caron Foundation include Liza Minneli, Stephen Tyler, and Miss USA Tara Conner.

Passages Rehab Facility

The Passages Rehab Facility, located in Malibu California, is not quite as popular as the other centers on this list, but due to the large amount of celebrities that visit it is one of the most up-and-coming rehab centers in the world. Passages Rehab Facility offers beautiful ocean views, daily massages, marble floors, and other stunning features that help the $10,000 per week price tag seem worth it.

Famous celebrities who have visited this center include David Hasselhoff, Stephen Baldwin, Polly Shore, and Andy Dick.

These 5 celebrity rehab centers are known for their luxurious settings, beautiful interiors, and luxurious amenities. Celebrities love these centers because it makes recovering from a serious problem a little easier and provides the security that a celebrity needs to recover in peace away from prying eyes. For those looking for centers they might be interested in, The Rehab Advisor is a great resource for finding the perfect fit for you.

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