Spring-Summer 2013 Collection – Must- haves for Your Wardrobe


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So, the fashion active moment of this year is right here! The passion for new fashion has just started. The time has come to make good investments in accessories and clothes. But before hitting the stores, you must take a look at the section below to know about the recent trends arriving for the Summer/ Spring contents of this year.

Metallic Fabrics and Accessories

Metallic fabrics are recently being used in the outfits or as accents for this current year. When you are talking about incorporation of metallic accessories to a dress, you cannot go without saying about Micheal Kors. His main focus is on accessorizing belts. You can pair up a belt with a trench, dress or top and give yourself a funky look for any of your day out.

You might find many of the celebrities endorsing this latest trend in their outfit. Model and singer, Jessica Beil is seen wearing a Tom Ford’s Spring Collection’s metallic sheen skirt. Accessorize yourself with metallic trendy jewelries and look unique for the occasion!


Monochromes in black and white are the catch of the season. You will surely find geometric, monochromatic patterns in almost all fashion moments starting from fashion runaways to red carpet. This is the trendy style for this year’s summer and spring collection. Rachel Zoe, the stylist, Jessica Stam, the model and Christina Ricci, the actor all donned this current fashion trend.

Whether you wear this trendy pattern in pants or tops or in both the parts for that matter, it is never looks like overdoing. This is stand out fashion for all. The latest collection of Micheal Kors shows that both men and women can look stunning on this current trend.

Neon Hints

Neons have stirred the air of fashion during the last year. This year it is also expected to follow the same trend in the fashion runaways and red carpets. The neon Louboutins gave a rocking look to Kristen Stewart, Khloe Kardashian and Katherine Heigl. In New York Fashion Week, many of the designers showcased the way you can use this trend for your wardrobe without overdoing the fashion style or giving oneself the look of a clown.

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If you look at Micheal Kors collection, it offers thinner accents while that of Tom Ford and Victoria Beckhams are audacious. Aren’t you confident about carrying yourself in some solid neon fashion? Go for neon watch, neon clutch or neon shoes.

The best way to give yourself a standalone look is to combine the different trend together instead of concentrating on one. Combine neon tint with monochromes. No question of overdoing yourself!

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