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The high end, Italian luxury designer fashion label; Prada; is well known for its ready-to-wear clothing line as well as fashion accessories, leather goods, footwear, eye wear, cosmetics, watches, jewelry, fragrances, luggage, wines and spirits. Prada; which is the much-loved fashion luxury brand today; was founded by Mario Prada along with his brother Martino in 1913 as leather goods brand, gradually became synonymous to high fashion and style combined with durability and comfort. Known for innovation and originality, Prada products have always been a favorite with Tinsel Town hotties as well as A-list celebs across the globe. Prada is not only about high-end luxury, but is also an extension of the persona with its chic, suave and trendy designs.

After Miuccia Prada took over the brand the year 1978, the label began to witness immense popularity amongst men and women alike due to its fine craftsmanship and practical design elements. Launched in 1985, Classic Prada handbag by the brand had become a overnight sensation and till today, continues to enjoy a coveted place in the list of most loved handbags ever. The fine craftsmanship and sleek silhouttes along with durability and practical values combine together to form Prada signature ever since.

However, the popularity of the brand reached a new height with its ready-to-wear collection launch in the year 1989. The narrow belts and dropped waistlines became a fashion rage, while clean silhouettes, rich fabric and basic earthy hues defined Prada in the fashion circuits.

The leather accessories and goods with its premium quality and chic styling are a must-have for those believe in the quality of life. In trendiest of designs and choicest of hues, Prada is not just any other luxury brand; but is a statement to be stylish keeping practical aspects in mind. Understated and subtle- the logo of this much-loved high fashion brand represents “Anti-Status” & “Reverse Snobbery” as its core brand values.

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Prada handbags are perhaps the most popular handbags among the Hollywood celebrities. Prada clutches are often spotted at the red carpet. Most recently, the coral satin clutch and pink satin clutch sported by American actress Kerry Washington at 2013 Academy Awards and Golden Globe red carpet respectively and have been much talked about in fashion circuits. Various other celebs too are often spotted with Prada handbags and accessories, on and off the red carpet. Available in a wide range of sizes, Prada handbags have different leather finishes and designs to keep up with the fashion trends every season. The Prada shoes are also known for the comfort, durability and inimitable style.

With exclusive outlets as well as retail stores, Prada is present all around the world, from Asia to Europe and from Africa to Middle East to South & North America, to serve the glitterati with best of quality and high fashion designs, while keeping the comfort and practical aspects in mind. However, if you wish to have your very own Prada due to the hefty price tag attached to it; you can also buy the Prada products through online stores on a reasonable price range to make a proud possession for yourself.

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