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It’s the weekend; what are you doing? People partake in weekend activities that are as diverse as their personalities, but one of the standard ways to let loose is by having a few drinks (maybe more). When the weekend hits, it’s time to crack open a beer or pop the top of an expensive bottle of liquor or champagne. Whatever you prefer, it’s always a better idea to drink in the company of friends. And if you don’t want to just stay at one of your houses, chilling on the couch, you’re probably looking for an establishment to visit. You could go to a bar, but bars are kind of boring, especially if you’re not watching sports. So the two options you have left are a nightclub or a lounge. Which one is for you? Answer these questions that will help you decide.

Do You Enjoy Loud Music and Dancing?

If there’s one thing you can count on at a nightclub, it’s music and dancing. If you want to dance, you should hit up a nightclub. If you enjoy house techno music and strobe lights, it’s a no brainer. There are lots of different nightclub themes, though, and you can find a club to cater to just about every musical preference, except perhaps classic and jazz. If that’s what you prefer, a jazz lounge is the much better choice for you. And if you don’t like to dance, you won’t seem out of place at a lounge like you would at a nightclub; though if you do want to shake it at a lounge you can feel free to let loose.

Do You Get Claustrophobic Around Lots of People?

If you go to a really popular club, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’re going to bump shoulders with more than one person throughout the course of the night, especially on the dance floor. If you don’t enjoy being so close to so many people, a nightclub is not for you, unless it’s a really dead nightclub. You would prefer a lounge where patrons aren’t typically packed in like sardines. But if you enjoy the idea of getting close to others and getting lost in the crowd, it’s time to hit the club.

Do You Want to Have a Conversation?

If you’re going for a night out with your good friends, and you want to spend time talking to them, you should go to a lounge. At a lounge, you can typically sit down at a table, relax, and hear each other without having to shout. It’s an atmosphere much more conducive to deep and meaningful conversation. If you don’t really care too much about catching up with friends, and prefer to just get lost in the music, you’ll enjoy the club experience.

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How Do You Like to Dress?

Finally, nightclubs and lounges can have very different dress codes. You’ll have to check with each particular place, though, because there are lots of dressy nightclubs and casual lounges, too. But if you want to go somewhere in your business suit, a lounge is probably more appropriate. If you want to relax in weekend clothes like jeans and a T-shirt, head to a nightclub.

Evan White is a frequent club-goer and freelance writer who considers himself an expert on Vegas nightlife. He often blogs about clubs and nightlife and gives advice to those who don’t have very much experience on the subject.

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