How to Wear Vintage the Modern Way 2012 Fashion Edition


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How to Wear Vintage the Modern Way

If like me, you’re sometimes confused or misled as to what the term vintage means; let me attempt to enlighten you. Vintage is not to be mixed up with antique clothing. Vintage clothing or vintage accessories should be from between 1920-1960 if it is to be considered ‘proper’ vintage. Anything earlier would therefore be considered as antique.

Since the early 1990’s, vintage clothing has come back into fashion in a big way. But how do you wear it in the modern way?

  1. Decide on a ‘style’

Interest has increased due to the increasing number of celebrities getting in on the act. Models such as Kate Moss and icons such as Julia Roberts have been guilty of sporting the vintage fashion. There are a lot of styles to choose from. Do you want to look like a modern day flapper girl? Add a Victorian edge to your wardrobe? Or do you want to choose from an era like the 30s or 40s? Once you’ve decided, you can pull it together with modern twist

  1. Vintage Shops

Spend a little time in vintage or thrift shops looking for a few items to start you off. Cheap vintage clothing can be tricky to find, especially if it is a shop dedicated to just that. That is why thrift shops or charity shops are better to look in and have an extensive number of items to rummage through.

Loose fitting floral dresses are a good start, but don’t pick anything too short and nothing past your knees.

Jackets or cardigan sweaters are great, the sweaters especially are very comfortable. Leather or fake leather jackets are the way to go. The sweaters should look worn and old fashioned, use them in layers for the best effect.

Old fashioned necklaces. You can get great fake pearl necklaces (think long and short) and more appropriate cost wise. Gold lockets or layered necklaces are a must have.

High waist dresses are very popular in the vintage style. You can go with a variety of tops and accessories for these, so purchase well.

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Tights and leggings are paired very well with all dresses, skirts and under shorts. They can be any colour or pattern, your imagination is the limit but please make them match and be coordinated. This is vintage fashion, things aren’t supposed to clash.

So how do you twist these to being modern?

Mix some of the old and some of the new

Take your vintage garment, for example that loose fitting floral dress, add skinny jeans and killer heels and you’re set to rock a modern vintage look. Top this off with a simple clutch bag and your outfit is a clear winner. Again, your imagination will be your only limitation. Always take a look in the mirror before you leave though, tone it down if the outfit feels too ‘costumey’

This can work with anything vintage. The same can be achieved for the high waist dress with the right pair of heels and right modern feel blouse. With oversized vintage garments, always make sure you add a modern fitted feature such as the skinny jeans or tailored shirt.

There are a lot of shops now on the high street, that sell vintage ‘style’ clothes if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the vintage shops. They often come with their own modern style built in. Make these pieces your own with embellishments or tailoring if you’re good with a sewing machine. If you want to wear your high top trainers with your vintage dress; do it. This is your own vintage style with a modern flavour.

Remember the basics:

  • Start small
  • Keep away from ‘costume’
  • Mix and match decades
  • Be open minded and adventurous
  • Keep to your own style. Add the vintage to YOUR wardrobe and not the other way around
  • Remember your accessories. Are you going for modern accessories or is the jewellery your vintage influence?

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy exploring your sense of style.


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