How to Obtain Natural Pale Lips


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Giving the lip a light or pale shade takes just a few steps. While there are so many beauty buzz on how to obtain pale lips, many techniques leave the lips to become chapped or dry. Hence, an important advice to heed when obtaining pale lips is to put some lip moisturizer over them. This is meant to keep the lips sufficiently hydrated and ensure that the lip makeup will stay for a long time.

There are fast and easy way on how women can enjoy natural pale-color lips. For those who want to attain a beautiful and attractive looking pale lips; here are few, convenient steps on how to do it.

1. Apply foundation on the lips

After a quick lip-moisturizing, the first step to achieving the pale lip effect is by adding a thin layer of makeup foundation on the lips. The easiest way of doing it is by using any simple foundation brush. Avoid doing a thick layer as this can make the lip makeup become prone to cracking.

2. Fill the lip area with the use of lip contour pen

Next step is to use a special contour lip pen called Nude Beauty. This is the perfect tool to make a perfect lip contour. Otherwise, one can also make use of any light and neutral-hued lip pen. She must make sure that the entire lip area is filled with the lip pen. The advantage of using Nude Beauty is that the texture of the pen is soft and easy on the lips.

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3. Put some eye shadow on the lips

Afterwards, it’s time to put some light yet shining eye shadow makeup on the cupid bow area as well as the contour on the upper lip. This is meant to provide some shimmer. One can also consider applying a little light-colored shade on the lips. The reason for this is that it provides highlights to the lips. At the same time, the light shade makes the lips to appear bigger.

4. Finish off with lip gloss

A good word of advice that must always be remembered when going for pale lips is to seal it with a good layer of lip gloss. Consider finishing work on the lips will a thin layer of glossy lipstick or lip gloss, preferably one with a neutral color. This will definitely put that extra shimmer. At the same time, it will not allow the lips to crack. Hence, one must be ready to put on some lip gloss for a much longer lasting pale lip look.

Simply put, women don’t have to go to a fashion event and check the lips of models to be convinced that the trend these days is pale lips. The beauty buzz is to achieve the perfectly subtle nude or pale lips that will complement and enhance their overall appearance.

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