How to Fight the Fat and Keep Fit this Festive Season


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Source: Freebase
Source: Freebase

From Halloween candy to home-cooked pumpkin pies and Christmas canapés, the festive season can play havoc with your wardrobe and your body, if you give in to every treat going.

Couple that with the fact that the weather is turning colder, making us all want to stay in and eat comfort food all night rather than hit the gym, and you could have a serious problem on your hands.

Here are some tips to surviving the festive season with your waistline intact.

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  1. Buying your festive party outfit now can help motivate you to stay away from high calorie temptations. Hang it on the front of your wardrobe to remind you each morning of your goal – to look fabulous in that dress, in that size.
  2. Up your gym visits. If you love to eat and know that you tend to go a bit overboard with the candy corn at this time of year, start upping your gym visits now. While you should always practice a sensible and healthy eating regime, squeezing in an extra gym session each week, bicep toning, bum firming, and keeping that all-important flat stomach ahead of a calorie-laden Christmas.
  3. Workout with friends. If you struggle to motivate yourself at this time of year, make a pact with your girlfriends to work out once or twice a week and play wingman to keep you away from unhealthy treats. Go for a group run, hit the dance floor or try a bootcamp fitness session together – you’ll have fun and feel much better for getting out there and burning a few extra calories.
  4. Alcohol can be low fat. If the festive season means booze time to you, ditch the eggnog and creamy liquors in favour of clear spirits such as gin or vodka. Mix with diet tonic water and a wedge of lime for a festive toast that won’t have you reaching for the scales the next morning. At less than 100 calories this is a far healthier option than mulled wine or heady Christmas cocktails – just make sure you keep them to a minimum!
  5. Massage as you moisturise. As the temperatures drop and your skin dries out, it’ll need extra moisturising at this time of year. Firm your skin and give it a well-needed drink at the same time by massaging your preferred moisturiser into your body day and night. This will help to keep your skin toned and taut, and also can help with breast firming.
  6. If you enjoy spending winter nights curled up in doors, avoid the temptation of finger food or over eating by getting an early night and some horizontal exercise. Sex can burn almost 300 calories an hour, depending on the position you prefer, and is arguably far more exciting than watching TiVo while eating another mince pie!

Those are just a few tips to help you fight the festive fat this season – can you think of any more? Let me know in the comments below.


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