How NOT to Start a Fashion Blog


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Blogging is a big business and can become a lucrative sideline to your day job, or even become your day job all together, if you get it right.

But for every successful, full time blogger, there are a hundred wannabe bloggers who are getting it wrong from day one.

Fashion blogs are ten-a-penny these days, so if you want to make yours stand out from the crowd there are certain measures you need to take. Arguably, content is king, but we’ve identified some seemingly popular methods that many fashion bloggers are employing, with mixed results.

So without ado, here are 16 tips that will show you how NOT to start a fashion blog

1. Pick a name that uses at least one of the following: Vogue, fox, coffee, ‘ista’, style, bird, fashion, kitten. Bonus points if you can incorporate alliteration.

2. Start writing your ‘PR Friendly’ page before your ‘About’ page.

3. Buy copies of ELLE, Vogue and Harpers Bazaar but instead of reading them, use them as props in photos.

4. Use other people’s photos and don’t give them copyright. Better yet, pretend you took them yourself.

5. Leave a comment such as “so cute!” on every blog you like (and even ones you don’t) and ask them to follow your blog.

6. Follow the above but go one step better and just leave a URL to your site – that’ll make it far easier for them to follow you, right?

7. Write in the exact style of all the fashion blogs you admire, and copy their outfit styling ideas where possible. Imitation is the best form of flattery, after all.

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8. Take photos of yourself smiling wistfully beyond the camera.

9. Wear all your jewellery at once.

10. Take photos of yourself with your head tilted to one side.

11. Harass your mum/boyfriend/best mate to take photographs of you at really inconvenient times. Key examples are when they’re carrying the shopping, watching football or going through a break up.

12. Take photos of yourself playing with your hair – from pushing your hair behind your ear to scratching your head; the look you’re going for here is ‘I may have head lice but I’m still super cute’.

13. Get into debt by spending all your wages on ‘on trend’ designer labels that won’t last longer than a season.

14. Spend 20 minutes debating between two almost-identical photos to use in your next post.

15. Use a background that includes lots of clutter, such as furniture, carrier bags and bookshelves.

16. Make sure your outfit post clothes are completely different to what you wear in real life.

Susannah Perez is a fashion and relationships blogger who writes about beauty treatments and natural breast enhancement for companies like Triactol.

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