How Barber School Trains Professional Barbers


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Being a barber means being able to feel comfortable in social circles. Being a barber means being a diversified person that can talk about any subject that a client wants. Having these social skills is an important aspect of a personality that needs to accompany the technical skills of actually cutting hair. As long as the social skills are set, then the actual filing for a barbershop application is the easy part.

Barbering: More Than a Social Gig

There are some requirements that need to be addressed before filing an application at any number of barbering schools. Each state has their own set of educational requirements for licensing a person for being a barber. It is best to have completed the most stringent requirements so that does not become a problem. Listed below are the top 5 things that need to be addressed before filing an application to a barber school.

5 Tips for Aspiring Barbers

Item 1. Graduation from high school.

Some states require having a person have a graduation diploma from high school or the equivalent GED certificate even before filing an application to a barber school. If applying to a barber school or any other trade school will require at least this high of education level which stresses the importance of education.

Item 2. Prequalification issues.

This takes the form of some kind of entrance exam that ensures that the applicant has the minimum general knowledge when it comes to math and reading. Not all states require this type of testing prior to acceptance to a barber trade school but some do. In most cases this is just a formality and should be passed easily.

Item 3. Financial aid.

Applying for any type of higher education will require money. Financial assistance can come in the form of grants, scholarships, state money aid or federal assistance. There are programs to help a lot of people in a lot of different circumstances. This aspect needs to be addressed before applying to any type of barbering schools. This will take a lot of pressure off the mind, knowing that the tuition needed will be satisfied by one of these aid packages.

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Item 4. Accredited school.

The need to ensure that the barber school being investigated is on the list of state accredited schools for barber shops. Unless a particular school is listed and recognized as such, there will not be a valid application for a license accepted.

Item 5. Ongoing education requirements.

Even after passing the state barber exam there will be yearly education requirements that will need to be satisfied. Taking courses to ensure that the current education associated with barbers is met is a requirement that has been set forth by the state government. Learning never ceases to stop in this vocation, so one must be prepared to accept this fact.

Being a barber can be an exciting vocation because of the opportunity to cut and style men’s hair, as well as meet many people.  Being a conversationalist, a good listener and above all a good barber will help go a long ways in creating lifelong friendships with people.

Sam Moser has been covering the fashion and beauty industry for over 5 years, and has been contributing tips to barbering school and cosmetology school blogs. Since graduating from the School of Journalism at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, Sam has written almost exclusively for the web.

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