Fashionable Dresses Gone Old? Learn How To Flaunt Them In Style!



Dressing up in trendy, stylish and sophisticated outfits can make you the cynosure of all eyes. All that you need to do is stay aware of the latest apparel style ideas, and fill up your wardrobe accordingly. In here, we present five attractive and chic ladies’ dresses, which would remain high on the popularity charts in 2013.
Fashion trends have evolved a great deal over time. If you are a style-conscious lady, you will hardly face any dearth of choices, while shopping for trendy and charming dresses and outfits. Apart from being comfortable and easy on the eye, many fashionable ladies’ dresses bear competitive price tags too – heightening their attractions further. As 2013 dawns upon us, make sure that you have the following 5 chic and stylish dresses in your wardrobe:


Fashionable Dresses Gone Old Learn How To Flaunt Them In Style 1

Basic, formal and the ideal office wear for ladies. You can team up your shirt with a blazer or a coat. Both half as well as full-sleeved shirts are available in the market, in a wide range of designs, colours and cuts too.

Little Black Dress

Fashionable Dresses Gone Old Learn How To Flaunt Them In Style 2

Yes, it’s 2013 – but the charms of the ‘Little Black Dress’ remains pretty much unabated. You can become quite the head-turner at parties and glamorous social gatherings, by turning up in an LBD of the right size and cuts. Carry a glittering clutch handbag, go for a stylish hairdo, and walk on a pair of matching stilettos. The guys won’t stop complimenting you!

Butterfly dresses

Fashionable Dresses Gone Old Learn How To Flaunt Them In Style 3

Elegant summer dresses get a whole new glam makeover with the butterfly dresses for ladies. You can choose from a vast range of shades and designs of these sleeveless dresses. If you have a figure to die for – donning a butterfly dress can be your best bet. Planning to be a lil naughty? Arrange the neckline accordingly!


Fashionable Dresses Gone Old Learn How To Flaunt Them In Style 4

‘Regal’ is the adjective that probably describes ladies’ gowns the best. Just like the LBD, they have stood the test of time, and remain the first-choice for women who wish to add a dash of class and panache to their overall get-up. You can go for off-shoulder gowns, or the ones with straps – as per your style preferences, and the appropriateness of the occasion. Wear heeled shoes, to complement your look (as well as appear a couple of inches taller!). You can flaunt your creative side too, by using cable ties instead of hooks – on the sides of the gown. Be careful while removing them from the dress though!

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Ruffled dresses

Fashionable Dresses Gone Old Learn How To Flaunt Them In Style 5

Available in a wide stock of colors, these dresses are smart and attractive – and contain just that extra dollop of sophisticated boldness. You can wear bejeweled bangles or bracelets, to make your look really alluring. Apart from being a popular party wear, ruffled dresses can also be worn on occasions like wedding dinners. If you wish to turn on the style, these outfits can be your ideal companion!
In addition to the above, tees and denims remain an eternal favorite among ladies as casual wear. If the air seems just a bit chilly, you can also put on a designer jacket or a svelte sweater. As briefly touched upon above, cable ties can be used in place of the buttons – to make your dress just that bit more interesting. Dress up according to the prevailing fashion trends of 2013 – and become a true style trendsetter!

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