Fashion, Go Shopping or Stay at Home?


If you look back only a couple of decades ago and what was available clothing wise for the pregnant woman, you see lots of drab unflattering clothes with not a lot of options available. The whole market has changed somewhat since then and manufacturers realized that there was a big market to cater for. This means that there is a lot more choice in styles and colours available today and this will help to keep the pregnant mums more comfortable with themselves as their body goes through all of the changes that come with pregnancy. With Internet shopping taking off so much as well, this has opened up even more variety and choice as you can now purchase items from all over the world whilst relaxing in your favourite chair with your feet up and enjoying a brew. There are things you need to keep in mind though if purchasing from overseas, but you can still get some great bargains if you search hard enough.

Shopping on the High Street

It seems that our high streets seem to be getting smaller and smaller, with lots of firms not being able to compete with their competition who use solely the internet and do not have a physical shop. This has lead to lots of shops closing and even going bust, but this has lead to very competitive prices with the shops that are left. Some people prefer to physical see and touch an item before purchasing, so visiting your local high street may be the best option for you. A picture can look completely different, depending on the light it is taken in, so being able to pick the item up and even try it on before you buy is a great way of making sure that you are truly happy with the item before committing to purchase it. If you do get it home and there is a problem, then you can easily take this back to the shop for an exchange or a refund, if within your statutory rights as a consumer. This is a lot easier than having to post something to return it and then wait for everything to be processed. You can even bring your friends and make an afternoon of it by going for lunch as well as shopping. Shopping in the high street is definitely a lot more of a personable thing than surfing the internet as you get to communicate face to face.

Shopping Online

There are a lot of benefits for shopping online and from the comfort of your own home. You do not need to travel to the shops, you don’t have to battle the weather if it is bad and you also do not have to wait about in a queue to get served. Sit up and rest your feet on your favourite chair, get yourself a brew and then surf away. You can buy from any country in the world almost, so there is so much choice available you might be hard pressed to make a decision, or you could just buy more! By using a search engine and searching for whatever it is you are looking to buy, you can find a whole host of online retailers who have what you are looking for. There also countless forums out there where you can chat to like minded people and get great recommendations for good places to shop. A lot of retailers who sell only online will also have fewer overheads which will mean they can pass on the savings to the consumer. There are things that you have to be careful of though;

  •     Exchange Rate
  •     Delivery Charges
  •     Import Duty
  •     Returns Policy

The exchange rate is something that you need to pay close attention to if you are purchasing from a foreign country. There are many websites that you can use free of charge which will convert any currency to any other currency based on the latest exchange rates. This gives you a more accurate idea of what the price is. You will also need to check the delivery charges which should be posted on their website. Depending on what you are purchasing, there may be some import duty which you may need to factor in as well. It is very important though that you read the terms and condition on the website, which will also set out the returns policy as well. You may very well have to budget yourself though and make sure you do not overspend, as with so much choice available online, you will be hard pressed to not buy it all when you are shopping for maternity wear online!

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This article was written by Deane Schwarz on behalf of Bump Baby and Beyond. Bump Baby and Beyond has everything the pregnant mother to be could want when purchasing maternity clothes online. Deane is a mother of two who is an avid shopper online and likes to share her experiences in the blogs and the articles that she writes.

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