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If you are interested in a career that helps men and women look and feel great, a job as a nail technician may be the right fit for you. Nail technicians are highly trained and skilled service providers that care for the hands, feet, cuticles and nail beds. Training to become a nail technician varies from state to state, but every nail technician program trains people to work in spas, salons, resorts, cruise ships, hospitals, skilled care facilities or other places where people seek hand, foot and nail care. Some nail technicians may decide to work on television, film or magazine sets performing manicures and pedicures for shows, fashion shoots or runway walks.

What Do Nail Technicians Do?

Nail technicians are trained to perform manicures, pedicures, paraffin dips, exfoliation of calloused skin, massaging of hands, feet and calves, removal of excess cuticle and painting the nails of both hands and feet. Nail technicians are also trained to recognize disorders and diseases of cuticles and nail beds as well as skin rashes, disorders, fungus and diseases.

What Is Involved In A Nail Technician Program?

Nail technician students will learn to identify the muscles and structure of the hands, arms, feet and legs to manipulate these areas with therapeutic massage. Additionally, nail technician students will learn:

  • Disinfection and sanitation procedures to ensure tools, implements, equipment and work stations are clean and pose no threat to public health and safety
  • How to build nails using acrylic, gel, silk wraps, tips and other modeling compounds
  • How to file, shape and buff nails to encourage growth and discourage ingrown nails
  • How to paint nails and how to do intricate nail art.Some students may be taught airbrushing techniques and applique techniques to recreate high fashion, editorial styles.
  • State board governing rules and procedures so they can take and pass licensing practical and theoretical exams to become licensed

How Long Does The Nail Technician Program Last?

Every state has their own rules and regulations covering licensure eligibility and the number of hours required in training before students can sit for the board. Generally speaking, though, students can expect to finish the program in a year or less with many states requiring just two semesters of training. No matter what your state requires, once you have your license you will have training and skills you can utilize throughout the world giving you lots of options in choosing where you live and work.

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Working in the beauty industry is a lucrative and rewarding career choice. Going to work every day and making people look and feel good gives you a sense of accomplishment and purpose. If this sounds like something you would like to explore, schedule a visit with your local school to learn more about their program for nail technicians.

Karen Lang is a fashion blogger with a focused interest in cosmetics and aesthetics. A recent graduate of a beauty school in Utah, Karen’s written work is fueled by her experiences in the beauty industry.

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