Engagement Ring Settings – Your Guide in Choosing the Best Engagement Rings


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Claw Setting

Claw setting, also known as prong setting, is one of the most popular styles available for engagement rings. There is no definite rule as to the number of claws, but most people opt for 4 and 6 prongs. Claw settings are ideal for rings with precious stones, like diamond, emerald, ruby, garnet and sapphire to name a few. Choose rings with stones set in medium-height settings instead of high as this is considered as the more practical and sensible option.

Prongs are beneficial in giving support and protection to the stone, keeping it steady and in place. The more prongs on the rings, the safer it is for the stone. However, don’t get too carried away with too many, otherwise, you’ll just end up obscuring the beauty of the stone.

Tension Setting

Tension setting is a great engagement ring design if you intend to mainly show off the beauty of the stone. However, be warned that among all ring settings, tension is not the safest option. This is because the stone itself doesn’t have sufficient solid support to keep it in place. As a matter of fact, it is only held by two metals. So, in the event when one or both metals get drawn out even the smallest bit, you may also end up losing the stone in process. Therefore, tension setting for rings is ideal for display purposes only.

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Pave Setting

Over the past years, pave setting has started gaining popularity for engagement rings. These are utterly pleasing to the eye because of the numerous stones that circle the band itself. The precious stones displayed, supported by very small claws that are invisible to the eyes, are very lovely to look at and easy to see.

Bezel Setting

If you want safety and durability for your engagement ring, bezel setting is your best choice. With this setting, the ring is designed with elevated collar surrounding the precious stone, thus holding it safely in place. The bezel setting is known for its smooth and modern look, which makes it an ideal band for both men and women alike.

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