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You spend time looking for a men’s suit that fits perfectly.  Then you have a choice to make over which shirt should be worn underneath.  There are a number of different shirt collars to give that distinctive look.  It is important to choose the correct collar cut in order to best accentuate the man’s face.  There are also more quirky collars on a men’s shirt that can be found in the more bespoke tailor houses which we will touch upon.

The Classic Straight Point Collar

Straight Point Collar

This turn-down shirt collar is that which is found on most men’s shirts.  These collars have a spread of points which is fairly narrow. The collars are cut perfectly to fit the head of the tie.
The fairly narrow spread of points is best suited for a man with rounded features as it helps elongate the face of a gentleman.

The Classic Spread Collar

brooks brothers spread collar shirt
Credit: BrooksBrothers.com

These shirts collars tend to have points which are wide apart.  In contrast to the popular point collar, this is best suited to a man with a thin face or a small boned man.

A Medium Spread Collar

This collar is a safe bet for the individual who does not like to take risks.  It falls between the popular point collar and the classic spread collar and clearly is for those men who have neither elongated face features nor rounded.  This type of collar would tend to be of shorter length than the popular point collar.

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Button Down Point Collars

Button Down Point Collars
source: asos.com

A button down point collar has exactly the same characteristics as the popular point collar but clearly includes visible buttons at the tip of each point.  Buttons should always be fastened although this type of collar is much less formal than those without buttons.  Given this, this type of collar can often be worn without the tie and with the top button unfastened to create an informal yet stylish look.

The Pin Collar

Pin Collar shirt
source: svpply.com

The pin collar on a shirt contains holes which allow the fitting of a pin.  This pin allows the tie to take a more forward position.  This type of shirt collar must only be worn with a tie.

The Tab Collar

Tab Collar shirt
source: pierreboutique.com

The tab collar has tabs extending from each point that join and are fixed together. This collar should again always be worn with a tie over it and allows the tie to take a more prominent position.


Choosing the type of collar to be worn is not a simple task.  You should first try different shirts with different collars to see which one best accentuates your male features.

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  • http://www.mnwear.co.uk/ Oliver Parker

    All the types of shirts you displayed were elegant, but my personal favorite is pinned collar. It gives men the best formal look of all.

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    I agree with your opinions. Before making a purchase of any collared shirt one must give it a try and analyse that whether it is suitable or not in a better way.