Different Types Of Bags and their uses.

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Bags have grown to be an essential part of our everyday life. Whenever we journey from one destination to another, we require something where we can keep all our clothes, toiletries, etc., for carrying along with us. While we are travelling long distances by train or by aeroplane, there’s a chance of the bag being exposed to some rough treatment. The types of materials used are usually high density polyethylene  is a by-product of oil. They also have to contain adequate locking devices to really make it as theft-proof as possible.


Carrier bags are sometimes given by the supermarket for use by the customers in addition to using it for advertising its name and logo that are printed on the bags. They are constructed with various dimensions, colourful and attractive, in order to catch the attention of more people to the supermarket. Besides, the types of materials the bag is made of are environmentally friendly and could be recycled after use. The polyethylene bags cannot be recycled in a short while and are regarded as waste materials, contributing to polluting the environment.



Special bags are fashioned to carry pets while travelling. They include a lining inside to maintain a warm temperature while keeping sufficient holes for ventilation. The carriers are designed so that these pets are cosy inside. In posh shopping centres, the shopper’s bags contain the titles and addresses where the branded shops are located. It reflects the social status of the person who visits those places, (as well as being an attractive invitation for thieves to test their luck!)


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Production of customised handbags is a large business today. They’re distributed free at seminars and meetings organised by big firms and utilised to carry books, reports together with supplies provided at the seminar. Their quality reflects the financial status of the companies and can serve as an advertisement.
We have made great strides from the times during which the only obtainable mode of carrying materials was the sack made from jute, or course cloth. Today, the hand bags are fashioned in innovative methods to match the comfort of the individual. Many of them are available as a backpack that could be carried on the back, thus, keeping the arms free. Such backpacks are very convenient for travelling in crowded buses, where arms are necessary to be free for balancing oneself within the moving shuttle.


Children studying in school need to carry a big bag of books and stationary. During this computer age sizes of machines are turning out to be smaller, it’s ironic that the carry bags for young children are increasing in size and becoming heavier. It perhaps reflects the truth that we make lesser utilisation of our memory in storing materials for remembering and prefer to utilise other gadgets.


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