Christmas gift wrapping DIY Guide


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All that ruckus of what to buy your loved ones for Christmas and keeping track on the people you need to buy a gift aren’t the only stressful moments of the hectic Christmas shopping season. People tend to forget how important actually the wrapping can be as well. Imagine, you have an unforgettable gift for someone special for Christmas, but the wrapping looks like the biggest mess. Hence, these creative Christmas present wrapping ideas can give your gift that certain something.

Firstly, there are tons of affordable ideas what to use for as wrapping up material. Obviously, the first step should always be to buy the special wrapping paper from a decent drugs store. This will trigger already some happy feelings and even much more anxiety towards the Christmas gift. For instance, if the person likes music and red colour, then you might consider red coloured wrapping paper. Another nice idea is to coordinate the gift wrap with your home’s décor for a designer look that’s easy to achieve. When selecting the paper, choose stripes, solids and pattern in the same colour family for a polished and fuss-free look.

Make sure you have enough wrapping paper before you start cutting the present on the unrolled paper. Just put the paper around the gift and cover it completely. This way you will see how much paper approximately is needed and make the best use out of the wrapping.

Moreover, you could use colourful tinsel, bows, tags, glitter, stickers or foam, in order to give your Christmas gift with that creative and memorable edge. This will show the hard work you have invested into making this unique wrapping.  If the gift receiver fancies any of those lovely accessories, you’ll already have the full attention. The receiver will be so stunned and forget to actually open the gift.

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Another complement of the Christmas package could be few kinds of ribbons and tapes as visual add – on. Even a slight scent could add your gift package a unique touch to it and make it more appealing. Those little things can have a huge impact on the response of the receiver of your gift.

You see by applying the proper Christmas present wrapping with good quality material and print, regardless what occasion or age, will make receiving gifts so much more pleasurable. It will also show how much effort and time was put into the preparation of the wrapping as well to the gift inside.

AND don’t forget the Golden Rule: There is no rule to restrict your creativity!

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