Avril Lavigne is getting married and other celebrities gossip

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Avril Lavigne is getting married and other celebrities gossip

celebrities gossip avril lavigne getting married
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It seems that celebrities are feeling the love is in the air. After we have heard the news of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s engagement, now singer Avril Lavigne is going to get married. The guy? Chad Kroeger from Nickelback. Many people wasn’t even aware they were dating, so it was a surprise to hear about their engagement. They’ve meet when Chad Kroeger co-wrote a song in Avril Lavigne at the beginning of this year. It will be the singer’s second wedding.

Lady Gaga has a new hair color

Singer and pop star Lady Gaga has a brand new hair color, but don’t you think is one of her usually colors, this time she’s just decided for an usual color, brown. Louis Vuitton brown hair, that’s her color. On her tweeter account (@ladygaga), Lady Gaga told the world: “Definitely feeling less blond lately and little more progressive brunette. I am LOUIS VUITTON BROWN. B**** THATS LV”, she also wrote that she believes it’s a boring color for her, but that she “forgot what it was like to have soft hair!”. Let’s see how Lady Gaga is going to hold this brunette style.

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Hilary Swank and John Campisi Split

Well, love is not everywhere in the air… Hilary Swank and John Campisi Split. It was confirmed that the actress and her, now, former boyfriend John Campisi really split, they were together since 2007. Hilary Swank has a new movie coming out next year: “Mary & Martha”, a drama from director Phillip Noyce, so we’ll probably be hearing more about her.

Official end of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Now, it’s official. After five years of marriage, it was signed this week that the marriage between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise came to an end. They are said to still be friends and talking, due to their daughter Suri, who’s only six years old and lives with Katie Holmes and is allowed to receive visits from her father.

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