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Rockabilly Party – OK, so if you’re reading this then the original rockabilly craze was probably before your time, but that shouldn’t stop you partying like it was 1959 – you’re not going to get much more retro than that. Rockabilly, for those of you that don’t know – is a style of music that merged the rock and roll of the 1950s and added a tinge of country (or hillbilly) music. It’s a great chance for you to get dressed up. If you’re unsure as to what you could wear then we suggest the girls get their hair as big as possible, wear a bodice or corset on top (or a shirt and cardigan for those not feeling too daring) and a big flouncy skirt and heels below the waist. For the boys it’s a little more simple – white t-shirt, leather jacket and slick hair will do the trick – just think Elvis in his early days! The music of the time was great – try and find a video of Happy Days on YouTube for an idea of the music and dances that were popular at the time and you (and your new guy and gal friends) will be laughing!

Burlesque Party – Even though it came out a surprisingly long time ago, I’m sure most of you will remember the film ‘Moulin Rouge’ – that is where your next party idea comes from. The dressing up part might be a little bit more expensive than just rifling through your wardrobe, but you’ll find many vintage and second hand shops in your city so head down with your friends and charity shop it up a notch. Burlesque comes in many forms, so don’t worry if you think it’s all about striptease and Dita Von Teese style shenanigans; keeping your clothes on is probably a safer bet! Find yourself a good pair of heels (you might want to take them off for the dancing in case you fall over) and a long skirt (or a tutu!) and you’re halfway there already. A cheap corset with a blouse underneath is perfect and then you can accessorise to your heart’s content. Long gloves, feather boas and costume jewellery will be surprisingly easy to find so all you need to do is get your playlist together and you’re pretty much ready. All you’ll need then is to get some made-up cocktails ready – just ask your friends to bring a bottle of spirits and you’ll just need to provide the mixers. Everybody is happy.

Steampunk Party – Now you might have heard of the others before but Steampunk is a little bit more of a niche genre, but if you’re a fan of sci-fi you will have no doubt have heard of it. Steampunk has its roots in the literary scene, with comic books and novels (Neil Gaiman should be your inspiration here) intertwining costumes and gadgets of the past and future. The steam element comes from the Victorian steam era of Great Britain, just think Brunel and Stephenson and then add your own modern twang. Imagine the guys in long overcoats, top hats but then with a battered old mobile phone sat next to a pocket watch. Then look across to the ladies with a long Victorian style skirt, corset and blouse but then perched on their nose, a modern pair of sunglasses and a DIY bazooka by their side! Just take a look at the picture for style tips, or better still get a copy of ‘Tank Girl’ or ‘Wild Wild West’ and you’ll see exactly what we mean! This one might take a bit of planning and persuasion but it’ll be well worth the effort to see who can come up with the most daring costume.

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There are loads of other ideas you can come up with for your party, but dressing up and creating your own unique party is always more fun and will make you the host(ess) with the most(est)!

Ben Gallivan is a blogger with a passion for modern dance and vintage clothing. Despite getting on in years, he still enjoys a good party! He writes for Corsets AU, a leading online vintage clothing and accessories store.

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