8 Tips to Make Your Perfume Last Through The Day!


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Who doesn’t like smelling good? Thank god we have this wonderful product called perfumes to help us smell wonderful throughout the day. But even a little blooper in how you put on this gorgeous-smelling liquid could mean your entire effort towards wearing it in the first place will go to waste. Not to forget, the money wasted on buying the expensive bottle of your favorite fragrance. So let us help you out with some tips on wearing perfumes, to help you smell fine and pretty all day long!

1. Apply It After A Bath

Right after you’ve taken a shower, your skin is nice and clean. And that means your favorite fragrance will be absorbed more thoroughly. Besides, you don’t want it to mix up with the sweat on your unclean skin either.

2. Don’t Spray It Too Close

When you spray the perfume too close to your skin, it is not applied evenly on the surface area. Besides, you also end up getting an uncomfortable irritating feeling on the skin if you spray too much and too close.

3. Use Just The Right Quantity

More is definitely not merrier when it comes to perfumes. You want to smell pleasant and not repulsive because of the strong overpowering scent coming off from you.

4. Aim At The Pulse Areas

These are the areas on your body where blood vessels are close to the skin. And because these areas are warm, the scent is more rapidly diffused. Examples include behind the ears, wrists, neckline, chest, elbow areas, inner thighs.

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5. Moisturize To Make It Last

Perfumes tend to last longer on slightly oily skin rather than one that is dry. This is because the skin’s natural oils prevent the perfume from evaporating too quickly. That’s why moisturizing the particular area with a lotion prior to perfume application will help make the scent last longer.

6. Use Other Body Products With Similar Scents

You don’t really want one scent to be masked by another. And that’s why using other scented products with similar scents is necessary for the fragrance to last. Many perfumes come with their own set of body products, so, for example, you should ideally shower with the same brand of perfume, apply the same scented body lotion and finally spray some perfume of that brand.

7. Don’t Use It On Clothes And Jewelry

How many times have you blotched up a favorite outfit with a big, dark circle from your perfume spray? That’s why you shouldn’t be using it with clothes or jewelry to avoid spoiling them.

8. Experiment With Different Scents

Using the same perfume for years and years will make you get too used to the fragrance, so much so that you may stop noticing it. To keep it fresh and new, keep changing brands and fragrances from time to time. There! If you follow these tips, there’s nothing stopping you from smelling simply AWESOME!

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