5 Tips for Saving Money on Your Next Big Event

Danielle Ward

Money is the root of all things; its what makes the world work, so when you are asked to plan an event you need to know how much money you have available. Few event planners have an unlimited budget. When you want to plan a large event but don’t have a lot of money, you need to significantly reduce the cost of your event. The following are 5 tips that can help you save money on your next event.

Be a Little Flexible

It is important that you set a budget, especially if your purse strings are tight. So your first step should be to set your budget, but your very next step should be to make yourself a little flexible. Expect a few unplanned expenses; they do turn up. So, you should add an extra 10% to your budget so the unexpected doesn’t throw you off guard.

Ask for Best Rates

Shop around for services you don’t plan on making or performing yourself. Research different prices; look for coupons and discounts and be sure to ask for a best rate. Inform a service provider when you have a lower quote and what is offered; ask if they can meet or better that offer, especially if you like the company. Look for coupons to help lower costs or even ask for a discount from local service or business leaders.

Schedule the Event During an Off-Season

If you can schedule your event at a venue during the off-season, you can get a significant discount for the venue location. The off-season will change depending on the location you are in. For instance, when in Colorado the high season is winter because this is ski season, so event venues will be more expensive as more businesses schedule their business or sales events here. On the other hand, beach areas have high summer seasons and low winter ones. By scheduling according to the season, you can save as much as 30% on the venue rental. Be sure to confirm and reconfirm usage dates. A small mistake like forgetting the scheduled date can cost you a lot of money.

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Request a Discount for Early Payment

If you can pay-in-full for services, party accessory rentals or venue rental, you may be able to get a discount. However, you need to ask for this discount to get it.

Negotiate with Hotels

If you plan on bringing people from other geographic locations you may need to reserve a certain number of hotel rooms. Depending on the services you contract, you may be eligible for a few comp rooms. If you can’t receive any free rooms then be sure to ask for discounted rooms or upgrades.

These are a few ways you can save on a wedding, business or family event. There are other things you can do to lower the costs like catering the event yourself, asking for volunteer ushers, wait staff, and maintenance people. You can even ask guests to bring their own alcohol (BYOB). This is perfectly acceptable for some events. In truth, saving money on your next big event really depends on the type of event you are hosting, who your guests are and the purpose of the event.

Danielle Ward is a personal shopping assistant for busy executives and high profile clients. He enjoys hunting down bargains and sharing his insights on shopping blogs. Visit CheapSally.com to find out more about coupon savings for events.

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Danielle Ward

Danielle Ward is a personal shopping assistant who loves hunting down a good bargain. Danielle enjoys sharing his tips on shopping and fashion blogs.Visit Thehookup.com for more fashion news.