2013 Fashion Trends: Three Easy Ways to Put Some Spring in your Wardrobe!


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Ah, spring… temperatures are warming, flowers are in bud, ice scrapers and galoshes are stored away. It’s the time of year when everything from seems to be in a state of renewal.

And then you go into your closet.

After months of wearing nothing but practical clothes, you feel a sudden urge to ditch those wool trousers and chunky sweaters, not to mention your heavy winter coat and all those Christmas-gift scarves— but what’s left in your closet? What are some of the easiest ways to put some spring in your wardrobe?

1. My prints will come: Adding just one colorful piece in a beautiful print is the quickest way to inject some life into a dull winter palette. For Spring 2013, designers from New York to Milan are showcasing a wide world of bold prints ranging from painterly to geometric, with a lot of florals and even a tribal touch (and some python). Check out designers like Michael Kors and Vince Camuto.

2. Dress up! Pretty, light dresses are not only a pleasure to slip on after all those chunky layers, they’re also incredibly versatile. For instance, on those early-spring days when the weather threatens to revert to wintry (you know that happens), try tossing on a cabled cold-weather cardigan over your flowy georgette maxi dress (another key spring trend), and finish with a scarf and leather boots.

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3. The shoe’s the thing: Along with switching to fingerless gloves, changing your shoes is a no-brainer way to give an instant boost to your look. Spring is the time to resurrect that beautiful pair of peep-toes; wear them, Mad Men-style, with sheer hose instead of opaque tights. Or switch your heavy leather boots for one of the new “flatforms”— the comfort of a flat shoe with the style (and height!) of a platform. And don’t forget your pedicure!

What? Not easy enough? Or maybe you’re not ready yet to invest the shopping time (and money)? Fine. Just try this one little change: a scarf!

Yes, you heard correctly. That ubiquitous accessory, the simple scarf, is without doubt one of the quickest ways to switch your wardrobe mood from winter-dark to bright of spring. Skeptical? Imagine your go-to winter outfit: charcoal-gray trousers, camel turtleneck, black trench. Add a black scarf (yawn) so you won’t freeze. Now exchange that black scarf for a lightweight, softly draping, beautifully-printed-in-coral-and-gold challis wrap. Even in your imagination, you can see the difference, right?

So whether you’re in the mood to shop, or enjoy the challenge of reinventing your look with what you already have, giving your winter-dulled wardrobe a much-needed dose of spring doesn’t have to be difficult, time-consuming, or expensive. Just one new piece in one of spring’s intriguing new smoky pastel hues might be all it takes to rejuvenate your closet!

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