2000 Girls in the Catwalk – How the Philippines is Making Fashion History


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When you think about fashion, certain areas of the world pop into your head. New York City, Milan, Paris and London all seem to regularly top the charts, each for their own style and dedication to the fashion world.

One place that doesn’t pop into your head when thinking about fashion catwalk is the Philippines, but it might now—just not for its unique and lovely trends. Instead, the Philippines may pop onto the fashion radar for one main reason: they recently made fashion history.

In November 2012, a fashion show was held at Glorietta Palm Drive in Manila. While the show was not very glamorous—the stage was surrounded by metal railings—history was made when over 2,000 people walked on the catwalk.

In fact, 2,225 women, children and men all took their turns strutting their stuff on the catwalk for this fashion show, and they did so to break a Guinness World Record. This event, which was hosted by Billy Crawford and Bianca Gonzales, beat the previous record of 1,957 models, which was set in Istanbul in May 2012. After the event, which took several hours to complete, a Guinness World Records adjudicator confirmed that the event now currently holds the record.

Some of the models that worked the runway show for this show were amateurs, but some were professionals, such as Victor Basa and Brent Javier. Professional athletes, merchants, partners and celebrities such as ,Sam Milby, Divine Lee, Geneva Cruz and Hayden Kho were among the large group of individuals who help set t he record.

Aside from the record breaking phenomenon, guests who attended the event were able to see fashion from designers and brands such as  Gibi, Freeway, The Ramp, Matilda, Bayo, Plains & Prints and Bench. They were also able to witness musical performances by Kyle Patrick of The Click Five as well as Bamboo.

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The event was held in a shopping mall that recently remodeled the Glorietta. The holding company, Ayala Land, invested more than $20 billion into the renovation, and they have said that this is only a small portion of the renovations they have in store for the Ayala Center. They also plan to create three hotels, residential developments and two offices in the space too.

What does this mean for the Philippines future in fashion?

The Philippines may not have the design and power to match and/or surpass a fashion powerhouse like Milan, New York, Paris or London, but they got themselves on the fashion map. As of right now, when it comes to a fashion record in the Guinness Book of World Records, the Philippines holds a place, and they’ll continue to hold this place until another fashion show decides to find more than 2,225 people to break it. And whether or not that day comes, the Philippines can relish in the fact that they made a name for themselves with fashion. And who knows, this event may help to further their chances to become one of the fashion power houses of the future.

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Johny Alvarado is from Manila, while he mostly writes for Tagalog publications in this article he decided to explore a wider English speaking readership.

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