14 Original Gift Ideas


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Giving gifts is can be even more fun that receiving gifts. If you want to make your gift extra special, try one of these original gift ideas:

Antique Map

Genealogy research has become a very popular hobby. If you have a relative or friend who has discovered distant ancestors, an antique map of the region they came from would make a special gift. This is especially true if the country no longer exists. Antique maps would also make a nice gift for history buffs or someone homesick for their home country.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Give your friend or significant other an exhilarating experience they will never forget and buy them a ride in a hot air balloon. Bring your camera and record the event so you can share it will all your social networks. Sometimes you can find special hot air balloon package deals for couples that include champagne.

Horse and Carriage Ride (or sleigh ride)

Many cities, including London, offer horse and carriage rides. For the romantically inclined, take along a blanket and some hot chocolate and snuggle up for an enchanting ride. Kids love these rides too. Who could resist the clippidy clop! If you happen to live where there is a lot of snow, you can substitute a horse drawn sleigh.

Heirloom Seeds

If your gift recipient is a gardener and/or they are into healthy eating, they might really appreciate a collection of heirloom seeds. These are the seeds for vegetables or fruits that were grown more than 50 – 100 years ago before industrialized farming came into being. Heirloom seed lines are maintained by collecting the seeds from open pollinated plants instead of propagating the plants by cuttings and grafts. They are then passed down person to person, generation to generation.

Retro Gifts

Do you have a friend or family member who is feeling particularly nostalgic? Surprise them with a retro gift like a lava lamp, vinyl records, an old timey radio, antique furniture, or a groovy glow in the dark poster.

Ghost Tour

Walking tours are becoming quite popular, especially in cities. A guide leads a small group around and shows you some historical sites and tells you stories in an entertaining way. One very interesting twist on these walking tours are ghost tours. These spooky tours always take place at night and get rave reviews.

Customized Quilts

A customized quilt can be a very sentimental gift. Even if you can’t sew yourself, there are professionals you can take your material scraps to and they will create a quilt for you. For example, you can take them scraps of clothing from each member of the family to create a sentimental quilt for your Mother. These can be designed as wall hangings as well. Quilted stuffed animals are an interesting variation on this.

Pet T-shirt

Do you have a friend or family member who loves their pet dearly? Take an adorable picture (or use one they post on social media or send out through email) to a screen printing shop and have them make a really nice T-shirt.

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Pet Painting

We do love our pets! Many artists now specialize in creating an original painting of pets. They can do so from a picture or with the pet there in person.

Tie or Mug

Do you need a special gift for a guy? You can have a special picture of the kids, pets, or a special place put on a tie or mug.

Personalized Basket of Goodies

Instead of buying a pre-packaged generic basket of fruit or other goodies, why not put together one yourself with all your gift recipient’s favorites? You can easily develop a theme like gourmet cooking, birds, or a sports theme.

Engraved Gadgets

Everyone loves to receive gadgets like iPhones and iPads. To make these popular gifts unique, you can add a professionally engraved personal message. You can also engrave a laptop. Fimark will help you to engrave your gift.

Foot Massage Or Back Rub

For a very personal gift, give your loved one a foot massage or back rub. Set the mood with candles and some nice relaxing music. You can buy some special aromatherapy massage oils and/or massage tools to make it even more special.

Original Artwork

Original artwork does not have to break the bank. Many coffeehouses, bars, and restaurants display artwork for sale by local artists. Local art museums also often sell artwork by local artists. Farmers markets and festivals are good sources for original artwork too. You can get more original than a one of a kind piece of art!

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